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imono_grpcs0-1.jpgMaruya Industry Co., Ltd. provides a detailed one-step service that embraces the entire process from cast metal products consulting to acceptance of manufacturing, quality control, inspection and delivery
Here at Maruya Industry Co., Ltd., we have been engaged in the outsourcing of cast metals manufacture to China since 1992. Local factories are selected to meet customersユ cast metal needs based on メequipment,モ メtechnologyモ and メmanagement.モ After the production and guidance stages, today, we handle a monthly quantity of approximately 450 tons of product at low cost and high quality.
Please feel free to make enquiries about our products, both general-purpose and order-made.
  • Response to diverse cast metal needs
  • Maruya Industry Co., Ltd. has a manufacture and supply structure in place designed to win the cost war
  • Realization of tie-ups on technology and manufacturing fronts with numerous cast metal manufacturers throughout China
  • Proposal of most appropriate local factories to meet customersユ design and specification requirements
  • Establishment of a manufacturing plan and systematic manufacture under control of Japanese staff stationed locally
  • Reliable and unfailing response throughout the entire process of manufacture in China - inspection - export and customs procedures - delivery