Synthetic Graphite Electrodes

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Synthetic graphite electrodes offer outstanding resistance to shock and high temperatures. High-precision processing ensures that customer needs are met.
grpcs_denkyoku0-1.jpgElectrodes are an indispensable in steel manufacturing. The durability and high quality of graphite electrodes are especially important in scrap-melting processes.
At Maruya Industry Co., Ltd., we import raw materials for synthetic graphite electrodes selected after stringent comparison of quality standards. High-precision processing is carried at our factory and the final product produced under the high-quality Maruya brand. Maruya Industry Co., Ltd. guarantees stable supply of low-cost and high-quality products.
Synthetic graphite electrodes capable of withstanding mechanical shock and high furnace temperatures typify the Maruya brand. The opinions of our users are part of the driving force behind our constant pursuit of quality.
  • Development of durable synthetic graphite electrodes
  • Stable supply of the Maruya brand to our users
  • Untiring corporate effort toward realization of low cost