Dalian Fukutomo P.M

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Japanese strict quality control guarantees supply of high quality products.
Dalian Fukutomo P.M. was established in Dalian city, the People’s Republic of China, an area known as “the world’s factory,” as a base for the manufacture and development of Maruya Industry Group ductile cast metal products.
The factory manufactures ductile cast metal, a material said to be difficult to handle in China from the technical standpoint. Almost all of the products manufactured here are for major corporations in Japan and a produced in accordance with customer specifications. Stringent quality control is implemented during the manufacturing process and effective peoduction is ensured by the application of a check system and high-grade, advanced mechanized equipment on a par with Japan standards.
Currently, the main products handled are industrial robot components and elevator parts, and the factory specializes in cast metal products of approximately 100kg weight.